Meet the team

Meet the team that make BAS Asssociates the business it is today!


Brett Smith BAS Team

Brett Smith

Position: Accountant & Director

Brett joined BAS in April 2010 is a qualified taxation technician and chartered certified accountant with a degree in Applied Accounting.

Working closely with the majority of BAS clients, and with a unique ability to recall hundreds of tax rules, Brett spends a lot of time supporting clients with their accounting and tax queries.

Find out more about Brett:

Depends if you ask my nice friends or drinking buddies, but if my nice friends were to describe me in 3 words they would be: Knowledgable, Reliable & Direct

If I had to eat one meal for the rest of my life I would have Cheesy Marmite Pasta – my own creation which I love!

When my wife allows me to watch sport, I am a big sports fan and in particular I support Blackburn Rovers, follow England football and cricket and enjoy watching Lewis Hamilton, George Russell and Lando Norris compete in F1.

If I could switch jobs with anyone for a day I would pick Max Verstappen – the chance to drive the current fastest car round and round every day would be something great. Or any fighter pilot in the world, assuming the day in question allowed me to fly and fight.

My favourite superhero is Spiderman – whilst not the best superhero (that’s clearly Superman, he’s literally a Super Man), his character mostly resembles mine.

To find out why anyone would willingly support Blackburn Rovers or to talk more about how Brett can help with you Accountancy & Tax compliance get in touch on 01296 681341.

Brett Smith BAS Team

Brett Smith

Accountant & Director

A willing Blackburn Rovers supporter...

Sian Smith BAS Team

Sian Smith

Position: Consultant & Director
Phone: 01296 681341

Sian officially joined BAS in late 2020, however, has always been well connected to the business and the BAS team (not to mention she’s part of the family – literally!). A business consultant for over 12 years, Sian has worked with start-ups, global brands, family-run businesses, one-man bands and everything in-between.

A director at BAS and head of our Business Development department, Sian is our go to for any business advice, tips and knowledge.

Find out more about Sian: 

If my friends were to describe me in 3 words, they would say I am motivated, kind and positive.

If you wanted to talk sport with me…I would probably avoid talking sport with me. I enjoy turning off all of the sports my husband is forever watching. I unfollow football, particularly the trials and tribulations of Blackburn Rovers.

My favourite movie has a highly inaccurate storyline, but I love it regardless – I could watch Pearl Harbour on repeat!

If I could add a word to the dictionary, I would add “interfrastic”. During my corporate days meetings were often packed with unnecessary words that were used so infrequently that there were plenty of occasions where I had to do a quick google. So, I used to like to play a game of “make up a word and see if anyone notices”. I ended up using it so often that other people started using my made-up word. Interfrastic means all over the place and approached without logic.

The small things that make my day better are hugs from my children and/or husband. A cup of tea accompanied by a biscuit and maybe a slice of cake too.

To talk about anything other than sports or to talk to Sian about growing your business, call 01296 681341. 

Sian Smith BAS Team

Sian Smith

Consultant & Director

Lover of inaccurate war films and cake...

BAS Associates Dawn Smith

Dawn Smith

Position: Managing Director

Dawn began her involvement with small business in 1992 running a small trade printing company. After spotting a gap in the market for local, affordable accountancy services she moved in to the accounting world.

In addition to being a Chartered Management Accountant (ACMA), Dawn is also a specialist in Wills (MSWW) and Probate, licenced by the ICAEW

Find out more about Dawn: 

I really enjoy getting a complicated tax problem and solving it for my clients. I find it so rewarding! So, give me your best tax problem and I will get to it!

If I had to have one meal for the rest of my life I would have a medium-well steak ( just not bloody, and without any pepper seasoning!) with mixed vegetables and a jacket potato.

If I could solve one mystery it would be finding out what happens after you pass away – surely it’s not the end?

My dream car would be a convertible 4 series BMW – this time next year and all that!

I really enjoy action movies and the James Bond films are my favourite. When it comes to TV I could watch crime dramas all day every day!

To kick off a discussion about CSI or to talk more about how Dawn can support you and your business get in touch on 01296 681341.

BAS Associates Dawn Smith

Dawn Smith

Managing Director

Crime series obsessed and action film addict!

Roger Smith BAS Team

Roger Smith

Position: Business Support

Roger has been involved in the BAS business for over 15 years and has been full-time since 2018.

With specialisms in systems, processes and IT, Roger is always actively working to improve and refined our systems for the benefit of clients, the team and the directors.

Find out more about Roger: 

If I had to have one meal every single day for the rest of my life it would have to be cod with curly chilli chips.

Classic movies are brilliant, my favourite film is Dambusters (the 1995 black & white version).

Spursy should be added to the English dictionary – It means when you think things are OK, something else comes along to scupper the progress.

If I could solve a mystery, I would want to know why Spurs haven’t won a trophy in such a long time!

If I could get up tomorrow and go on holiday I would go to Jamaica for the scenery, food and culture.

My favourite superhero is Superman. It was the first cartoon superhero I had as a kid.

To share your thoughts on why Spurs haven’t won a trophy recently or to talk more about how Roger can support you and your business get in touch on 01296 681341.

Roger Smith BAS Team

Roger Smith

Business Support

Trying to figure out why Spurs haven't won a trophy...

Ellie Bogan BAS Team

Ellie Bogan

Position: Accounts Assistant

Ellie Joined BAS in September 2018, and has been working in the accounts industry since the dawn of the 21st century!

Ellie is responsible for our entire VAT process. In addition to this Ellie, works closely with a number of clients supporting with everything from accounting queries and management reports to bookkeeping and personal tax…and just about everything else in between!

Find out more about Ellie below:

My role is kept enjoyable with the variety of clients and the diversity of work I am involved in. I love working in a team and the ethos of opportunity at BAS. We are supported and encouraged to think independently and take on new opportunities rather than fit into a generic role.

If my friends were to describe me in three words they would say… ALWAYS. RUNNING. LATE.

The small things that make my day better are coffee, sunshine and smiles.

A mystery I wish I knew the answer to is…who killed JFK?

If I could wake up tomorrow and go anywhere on holiday, I would head straight to Corsica. It looks so beautiful, and being a history graduate, I am a real fan of Napoleon.

If you’re a JFK conspiracy theorist or if you would like to quiz Ellie on all things VAT, Accounts and Tax, please get in touch on 01296 681341.

Ellie Bogan BAS Team

Ellie Bogan

Accounts Assistant

Seeking the answer as to who killed JFK...

Jacqui Smith BAS Team

Jacqueline Smith

Position: Payroll & Accounts Manager

Jacqueline (also known as Jacqui) began her career with BAS Associates in October 2008, making her the second longest serving member of the BAS Associates team.

AAT qualified, Jacqui’s main role at BAS is managing our payroll service alongside her responsibilities as a client account manager. Also qualified in Wills, Jacqui helps clients to make plans for the future ensuring wishes are understood and any tax implications are discussed.

Find out more about Jacqui:

If I could solve one mystery I would want to find out where all the odd socks disappear to.

Without any prior preparation I could easily talk for at least 40 minutes about the trials and tribulations of teenage children and Labrador puppies.

I enjoy watching sports; mainly gymnastics, athletics and being married to a Geordie, I have no choice but to follow Newcastle FC.

The small things that make my day better are coffee, surprise texts from a friend, my kids cleaning their room and the dog not rolling in fox poo on a walk.

For me, the best way to start the day is a long dog walk (when my dog hasn’t rolled in fox poo) followed by a hot cup of coffee.

To help Jacqui solve the mystery of “The long lost sock” or to talk about Wills, Accounts, VAT, Payroll (the list goes on) give Jacqui a call on 01296 681341. 

Jacqui Smith BAS Team

Jacqueline Smith

Payroll & Accounts Manager

Help Jacqui solve the mystery of "The long lost sock"...

Bev Reekes BAS Team

Bev Reekes

Position: Client Account Manager

Prior to accountancy Bev was a company director and held senior management positions in commercial planning within large retail organisations. With over 22 years in accounts preparation, VAT and bookkeeping Bev is a Client Account Manager with fountains of knowledge.

With a very active social calendar and a full-time role at BAS, questions have been raised about the possibility of Bev having a doppelganger stepping in for her, or if she has figured out a way to be a high-functioning person that lives on 2 hours sleep.

Find out more about Bev:

My favourite film has to be Love Actually.

If I could swap jobs with anyone for the day I would swap with Matt Dowie, the CEO of Crisis, the homeless charity. It is something that would take me completely out of my comfort zone.

As a family, we love rugby and cricket. We are big supporters of the Wasps rugby team.

My favourite day out would be to go walking over the Langdales in the Lake District and then finish the day at the Old Dungeon Ghyll pub with a beer and packet of crisps – heaven!

If my friends had to describe me in three works they would describe me as kind, fun and dependable.

My favourite meal, which I could have every day for the rest of my life, would be a Christmas dinner – I love sharing food and conversation round the table with my family.

To report a sighting of Bev’s doppelganger or to speak to Bev about your VAT, Accounting or Tax requirements please call on 01296 681341. 

Bev Reekes BAS Team

Bev Reekes

Client Account Manager

Get in touch to report a sighting of Bev's doppelganger...

Lauren Avis BAS Team

Lauren Avis

Position: Client Account Manager

Lauren joined the BAS team in September 2021 as a Client Account Manager bringing with her a wealth of knowledge from her previous roles at two very different accounting firms.

When Lauren isn’t crunching numbers and calculating tax you will find her in the swimming pool – Lauren is a keen swimmer having competed at regional level in the past!

Find out more about Lauren here:

If I had to give a 40-minute presentation without having time to prepare, I could easily talk non-stop about shopping.

My favourite movie is The Holiday… Jude Law is my celebrity crush!

The small things that make my day better are my post-it-notes and the sun shining!

If I could go anywhere tomorrow, I would get on the plane to Tenerife. It’s my second home and I have so many memories there.

My favourite meal is Pesto Pasta – it’s also what I am best at cooking.

If I had the opportunity to do another job for the day, I would be a swmming instructor.

To share your best pasta recipes or to discuss how Lauren can help your business with its compliance needs, please call on 01296 681341.

Lauren Avis BAS Team

Lauren Avis

Client Account Manager

Would be lost without post-it notes...

Kim Woolford BAS Team

Kim Woolford

Position: Business Administrator

Kim has been an administrator within the accounting industry for more than 20 years. Kim is responsible for the smooth day-to-day running of the office whilst supporting clients to deal with their tax and accountancy administration, so clients can concentrate on running their businesses.

Kim also keeps the team in line when it comes to logging in and out records and isn’t afraid to use her best teacher voice to get the job done properly!

Find out more about Kim here:

If I could just wake up and do anything, I would love to take my family on a safari trip.

If I didn’t have to sleep I would fill all my extra time with baking – bread and cakes!

I am a big fan of Moto GP and I also follow Tennis and the Rugby Union – I am a Wales Rugby Union supporter!

I am a lover of films but my favourite is Rear Window – a 1954 mystery thriller.

For me, the best way to start the day is an early morning walk with my dog.

To talk all things Moto GP or for support with your business needs call Kim on 01296 681341.

Kim Woolford BAS Team

Kim Woolford

Business Administrator

Has watched every film known to mankind and still finds...

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Brett Smith

Brett Smith

Tax & Accountancy

Sian Smith

Sian Smith

Business & Development