Core values

BAS Associates’ core values set our standards and are an intrinsic part of the way we look after clients.

It is our belief that they are key accountants’ values.

Our core values help shape our future whilst providing clear direction on todays standards.

Many companies feel that ‘core values’ are something that they must have, one of the 10 things that will improve their business just by having it done.

The BAS team believe that an accountants core values stretch to more than this. The daily application of our values improves our business, our lives and hopefully has a positive impact on those around us.


Our family values are key to the way we operate. We encourage and support team members and clients to spend as much time as possible with their families.

Our belief is that we all owe it to everyone; – In particular we owe it to:

  • Ourselves so we can all enjoy the happiness of being able to live the life we want
  • Our partners so they can be happy too
  • The generation above us so they can enjoy the happiness of stress-free later years, and the joy of being able to leave a legacy
  • The generation below us so we can all enjoy the happiness that comes from giving our children a good start in life

We are fair with our clients, team members and everyone we deal with. This is also expected in return. We won’t fight for business on price alone and we will always offer a fair deal for our services, depending on each individual client’s needs.

Our packages and services will always be suitable for each clients needs. Costings are agreed in advance – there will never be an unexpected invoice for work. The BAS team work constructively for themselves, the company, and clients. Dealing respectfully with everyone around them within the business and outside it is fundamental.


We have fun at work we enjoy what we do. We all understand that friendly chat and humour are good for morale, motivation and team spirit in the workplace, whilst being respectful of others feelings and responsibilities.

For us, being able to share the joke off the back of a Penguin bar whilst we have a cup of tea or catching up on the latest TV series, helps us all enjoy our working hours together, gives us a much-needed rest between crunching numbers whilst helping to build strong working relationships.


To be successful, everyone associated with BAS understands the need to focus which, along with determination, is our main driver to succeed.

Focussing on the task in hand will help us produce our best work.

Become part of the success

If you need help and support running your business we have packages, experience and knowledge to help you achieve your dreams.

Our 1-2-1 Core Values Development sessions will guide you through establishing the definitions and benefits of establishing a process suitable for the needs of a growing business.

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