Marketing planning

The more customers you can gain, retain, and get to spend, the better your business results. To ensure you are doing this consistently and efficiently you need an effective marketing plan.

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Generating more leads, selling more to existing customers – we’ll help you achieve marketing success.

Our Marketing Strategy Planning sessions help you to set your marketing goals and the actions required to achieve them. We support business owners to measure, understand, analyse, and adjust strategies based on output from marketing activities and marketing KPI’s (key performance indicators).

Importantly our support will also ensure that any investments are made in the right place. We’ll help you to spend your marketing budget (if you have one!) on the activities that will give you the highest return on investment (ROI).

Getting an effective marketing plan in place.

As a business owner you need to own your marketing strategy, so it is vital you are involved in the writing of your marketing plan.

Review the purpose of your business

Coordinate company goals and objectives

Create tangible targets that improve sales and business performance

Define your target market and your target audience

Define the most effective marketing tactics to achieve your desired results

Set an appropriate budget in line with goals

Achieve a return on your marketing investment

“Thanks to Sian I really feel we have a better handle on our marketing. The strategy Sian created enabled us to focus more clearly. And I especially loved the sections she created on why we are different and our positioning.”  Noleen Schenk, Metataxis Ltd


To create your marketing plan

You will attend a 1-2-1 planning session that will be 4 hours in total (either 1x 4-hour session or 2x 2-hour sessions) with a qualified marketing specialist and together you will

Identify your purpose, target market and unique selling point

Discuss your product mix, positioning, and promotion strategy

Set your marketing goals for the next 12 months

Identify your marketing KPIs and know how to measure them

Establish an action plan to achieve your goals

Prior to the session you will be asked to complete pre-work. This will help you to identify any burning issues and allows us to understand your current marketing position so we can prepare the right session for you and your business.

Following the session you will receive a Marketing Strategy Document, along with meeting minutes, additional resources to help you achieve your goals and a clear action plan.

Our Marketing Planning service

is designed so business owners can take the plan away and implement it themselves. However, we understand that some business owners would like more support along the way.

Our Coaching service

has been designed to support business owners as they implement their marketing plans.

Our Marketing Coaching service

consists of a program of monthly or quarterly meetings with one of our senior team members, as well as regular email and phone support. The aim of the meeting will be to enable you to develop a realistic action plan with timelines to keep you (and/or your team) on course with achieving the goals and targets outlined in your Marketing Strategy Plan.

Each meeting will consist of a review of your actual results, clarification of areas where improvements can be made, and new tactics can be implemented to help progress your marketing efforts.

This is then further supported by the setting of 30, 60 and 90-day goals, along with the identification of strategies to achieve them.

You will have access to our exclusive resources and expertise to enable you to implement best business and marketing practice.

Regardless of the services you select all clients will benefit from:

Free ongoing advice

We want you to succeed

Online portals

Access all historic and current accounts or returns at any time

No surprises

We will never send you a surprise bill for calls, emails or meetings

We keep it simple

We're not a fan of jargon either

Peace of mind

If we say we're going to do it, it will get done

Value for money

We work as efficiently and price as competitively as possible

Everything starts with a conversation,
how can we help?

Sian Smith

Sian Smith

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