I'm a Property Owner

Renting your property might seem like an easy way to make some extra income.

However, it is a legitimate business and should be treated this way especially if you own and rent multiple properties.

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Specialists in Accounting & Tax for UK landlords and property investors

Our team understand the ins and outs of rental property taxes. Our support services are tailored to reduce administrative burden and simplify your compliance needs so you can focus on making the most of your property business and income.

If you’re a landlord operating as a limited company, individual, partnership or limited liability partnership, we have bespoke accounting services for your needs.

Tax and Accountancy Services

Year-end Accounts

Getting ready to provide all the information for your annual accounts can feel like a daunting task. We will work with you to make this a simple and easy process to ensure your accounts are prepared accurately and promptly whilst proactively working to manage any tax liabilities.

Personal Tax Returns

There are no deadline day tax bills here! When it comes to Tax we believe in forward planning. So, we work to complete tax returns as early in the year as possible. This means we have time to discuss the outcomes whilst enabling clients to plan for the payment of any potential tax bills.

Accounting Software and Solutions

We work with you to understand the right way to manage your records and share your business performance updates. Our post popular software option is Xero, and we can support with conversion, bespoke set up, training and everything in between!

Tax Planning

Tax is a complex area and can become more complicated if you own a business or have several sources of income. So, good tax planning advice is essential to optimise your tax position as a business and an individual. Our experts will work proactively to meet the tax deadlines.

Business Development and Support Services

Business Coaching

Together we can work on your business so you can enjoy the benefits get your time back and improve your work life balance. We support you and your business in a structured way with tailored plans focused on ensuring personal development and repeatable results.

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Business Planning

You want to be successful; you want your business to be successful and we want to help you be successful. Take time out of your day-to-day activities IN your business to spend quality time focusing ON your business. Together we will build the right plan for you and your business.

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Marketing Planning

From generating more leads and selling more to existing clients, to introducing new services and strengthening your brand in the marketplace, we want to help you achieve success with your marketing planning. Supported by coaching, marketing doesn’t have to be a worry!

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Wills, Probate & LPA's

None of us know what the future holds. Whilst you are working hard running your business it is the perfect time to ensure your hard work is protected and your cared one’s futures have been planned for. Wills, Probate & LPA’s work together to protect your hard work.


Regardless of the services you select all clients will benefit from:

Free ongoing advice

We want you to succeed

Online portals

Access all historic and current accounts or returns at any time

No surprises

We will never send you a surprise bill for calls, emails or meetings

We keep it simple

We're not a fan of jargon either

Peace of mind

If we say we're going to do it, it will get done

Value for money

We work as efficiently and price as competitively as possible

Everything starts with a conversation,
how can we help?

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Brett Smith

Tax & Accountancy

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Sian Smith

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