Business Development and Support Services

30% of businesses fail in their first year, 60% fail within 3 years and it’s staggering to note that only 4% last ten years or more! This is where a business expert could make a real difference to your business and its long-term success and profitability.

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Everything we do is tailored to you and your business

Most business owners are experts within their field and start their business on this basis, whilst working on their personal development and business skills to support their business.

As the world of business picks up pace and gets more competitive, it can be difficult to keep up with both the changes in your industry as well as the advances in sales, marketing, and management strategies.

At BAS there are no off-the-shelf packages – because every business and every business owner is different! Our tried and tested solutions are adapted and adjusted to suit your needs and goals along with the needs of your business.

So, the answer to “where do I go for business advice?” is simple!

Keeping your business growth and consultancy within the same space as the management of your finances just makes good business sense. 

Whilst there are of course costs involved in specialist business support, having a business support package should be seen as an investment (and it’s tax deductible!). A business coach can help you make real change within your business and support your personal development along the way.

“Whether you are running a global brand, a small business, considering a start-up, running a business can feel like a solo mission.

Most business owners have a goal in mind or want to make a change to how their business impacts their personal life and are unsure on the right steps to take.

Self-help books and articles are available in the 1,000’s (and I can recommend a few!) however nothing really compares to 1-2-1 trusted and tailored support.

That’s where we come in.

We work 1-2-1 with business owners to ensure we really understand their personal goals and that of their business.

We build a tailored plans based on your appetite for growth, availability, and your goals.

Sian Smith

Sian Smith

Business Development

So why work with us?

We will listen to you and will always be honest with our responses

We will support you to increase efficiently and profitability.

We will provide you with tailored support and advise based on our experience to ensure you have the right information at your fingertips based on your individual needs

We will help you focus on short-term gains whilst working towards a long-term strategy

Business Development and Support Services

When you find the right support, your Business Coach or Business Consultant will always tell you the truth, even if you don’t want to hear it. This is because the success of your business is the biggest motivational factor behind the time your coach or consultant will invest in you and this success won’t be achieved without honest and open conversation supported by action.

Our services include:

Business Planning

You want to be successful, you want your business to be successful and we want to help you be successful. Take time out of your day-to-day activities IN your business to spend quality time focusing ON your business. Together we will build the right plan for you and your business.

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Business Coaching

Together we can work on your business so you can enjoy the benefits get your time back and improve your work life balance. We support you and your business in a structured way with tailored plans focused on ensuring personal development and repeatable results.

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Financial awareness Coaching

Whilst the business is performing well, the financial metrics of your business may not be a concern. However, when it comes to making investments, understanding poor performance or building a growth plan, having financial awareness is key let us help you build your financial understanding.

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Succession Planning

Whether you’re planning on exiting the business in two years or 20 years, it’s important to have a succession plan in place now. A plan should consider unforeseen events, options for succession, sale options, client relationships, and the overall reputation of your business.

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Marketing Planning

From generating more leads and selling more to existing clients, to introducing new services and strengthening your brand in the marketplace, we want to help you achieve success with your marketing planning. Supported by coaching, marketing doesn’t have to be a worry!

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Help without Hiring

We understand that business owners will have a to-do-list that never decreases, you want to grow, expand and develop but might not have the time, money or resources to hire full-time support. So, why not hire in our experts to help create and implement strategic change in your business?

Bespoke Workshops

We create custom built workshops or training session for your business designed around your core objectives.  Our most common workshop requests are linked to business strategy, core values development and sales training. So, if you would like a custom session created for your business, you’re one click away…

Regardless of the services you select all clients will benefit from:

Free ongoing advice

We want you to succeed

Online portals

Access all historic and current accounts or returns at any time

No surprises

We will never send you a surprise bill for calls, emails or meetings

We keep it simple

We're not a fan of jargon either

Peace of mind

If we say we're going to do it, it will get done

Value for money

We work as efficiently and price as competitively as possible

Everything starts with a conversation,
how can we help?

Sian Smith

Sian Smith

Business Development