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6 April 2021

They say good things come in threes, and we couldn’t agree more! 

BAS Associates have expanded; we have grown our client base overnight, our team has grown by 2 oh and we have a new office location!  

But don’t worry we’re still the same BAS Associates and we’re definitely not going to turn into a “big-shot accountancy firm” and start wearing suits to work! 

We’ve been working really hard since September to get to this day The day we grow our team, complete on the purchase of goodwill fees from a local accountancy practice and unlock the doors of our new office for the first time. 

The previous owner made the decision to retire after 20+ years supporting his clients‘ needs and was looking for a like-minded business to take over. After a lengthy selection process, we were thrilled to have been chosen! 

As we started to understand the business more, we decided to keep the premises and make offers to the existing employees. So, as of today we now have 10 team members dedicated to supporting the needs of our clients and 3 office locations.  

Our new office is based on the outskirts of Wingrave (Buckinghamshire)with our other offices located in Northchurch (Hertfordshire) and the New Forest (Hampshire). So, if Wingrave is now the office that is most local, and you would like to start dropping your documents to us here, feel free to contact us on 01296 681341 to arrange this 

As always, we will be working behind the scenes to continuously improve our service levels and the value we offer clients. However, you won’t notice any difference as a result of these recent changes were just excited to share this good news with you! 

Thank you to our growing team and to all our clients for your continued support.  

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