Core Values Development

29 December 2020

We have spent more time on our own Core Values Development than any other process.

Often looked at as a box-ticking exercise, Core Values are generally overlooked and undervalued.

However, they are the essence of any company’s identity. They give clarity to what you are as people and how the company is portrayed in the big, wide world of business. It’s how you’re seen; it’s your soul. Core Values can’t be acquired and made to fit your organisation, if you’re truthful about your beliefs and culture.

Experience has shown us that having a neutral facilitator is the best way to develop a true picture of who you are. Having developed the system for our own Core Values, we feel that we are well placed to create yours with you providing a great guide and foundation for the way your team interacts with clients and each other.

Who should develop a set of Core Values?

  • Are you struggling to find differentiators between yourself and key competitors?
  • Are you frustrated by the interaction between some team members?
  • Would you like your team to be part of your business rather than working in it?
  • Would you like to run a business where everyone enjoys their work, including you?

Answering ‘Yes’ to any of the above suggests that you have a desire to develop your business, and this is a perfect starting point. A clear and honest understanding of your Core Values will fuel progression. Involving your team will making the process easier to manage and roll-out, both internally and with clients. When you have a team working with you it is far easier to achieve your business goals. The business guru, Peter Drucker once said, ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’.

What is involved?

We’ll get the attendees thinking well in advance of the first meeting by getting them to complete an investigating pre-work, exploring their vision and values for the business, preparing everyone to gain maximum benefit from the session.

This will then support the 3 to 4 hour session with our guidance helping you to create up to five Core Values with clear definitions. As in our example, these will underpin the expectations of behaviour within your organisation. We’ll also support you to understand how to maximise the effectiveness of your newly developed Core Values and ensure your team lives by them.

As part of the Core Values development process, we will:

  • Work with you to understand what Core Values really are and how they will benefit your business
  • Prioritise your chosen values to have a maximum of five
  • Develop key definitions for each value
  • Discuss the range of opportunities leading from the unveiling of the new Core Values within your business

When should I have a session?

We put this off for some time, but the value to us since our decision to develop our own core values has been simply amazing! It has opened up a whole new range of ideas and opportunities for us. Let us help you develop this for you we have the passion and experience. Differences in values, beliefs and strategies will be united, and will further stabilise your team’s buy-in to your future. If this is appealing, then contact us for a friendly chat and some great inspiration.

Benefits of Core Values Development

  • Build a foundation so your culture becomes part of your brand and drives your success
  • Increase alignment in your team
  • Communication of what is important between you, your team and your company
  • Define the values that will focus the visions in your business
  • They are key in determining how your team behaves and interacts with each other, and your clients
  • Core Values act as filters for the day-to-day decisions in your business
  • A reduction in workplace stresses and tension, building better relationships
  • Provides a framework for effective communication
  • Clearly differentiate your company from competitors
  • Attracts talent, acting as an excellent recruitment and retention tool
  • Core values influence the overall success of a business
  • Provides a platform on which your team can take positive action

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