Complimentary Client Review

8 December 2020

One of our most important messages is to find time to work ON your business, not just IN it.

Dedicating clear time to discuss what is happening within you business’ environment is just about the first and most important steps you can take. It will give you clarity about decisions with future planning and enhancing your vision, enabling us to work with you in the most appropriate and valuable ways. A Complimentary Client Review is an ideal opportunity to meet with us on a no obligation, relaxed yet professional basis to discuss any or all of the following:

  • The balance between your business and lifestyle goals, along with your personal aims.
  • Your broader goals for your business and how you plan to achieve them
  • Challenges and issues that you’re facing in your business, which may include growth, cashflow, profitability, succession planning etc
  • How we can work together to address any issues

Who should have a review?

Any business owner wishing to improve business performance, financial results and rewards and expecting to minimize any risk in investments should schedule a Complimentary Client Review. BAS Associates can help with your future planning, not just rear-facing tax matters. We’ll review and discuss your current situation at no cost. It’s an opportunity for you to review that we are giving you all the support that you need. We have experience in many sectors and specialist areas so we may be able to support you with some strategies enabling you to grow sustainably in a structured way, and to protect your assets or systemize your business, improving its effectiveness and efficiency.

What is involved?

BAS Associates will partner you with a senior team member for one hour session, where your concerns can be discussed and identified using our unique processes and experience. You will be sent a Meeting Summary documenting your lifestyle and business goals and all agreed actions.

We will also prepare a proposal for any agreed additional support that may be identified during the meeting, if required.

Benefits of a Complimentary Client Review

  • Acceleration of the understanding of the necessary actions you need to take to achieve your goals
  • Discussion, agreement and documenting your business and lifestyle goals
  • Gaining a better overview of your business
  • Stimulation of a strategic discussion regarding the the current and future direction of your investments and business
  • Identification of your important issues, opportunities and challenges so that actions can be set to respond quickly and effectively
  • Gaining a clearer understanding of your business
  • You’ll have access to the collective experience of out team
  • Assessment of the current structure of your business
  • Discussion regarding some tax planning efficiencies
  • Gaining an improved understanding of how we can support you

Book a Discovery Call to discuss the most appropriate level of support on a wider basis, a personalised quote and a guarantee of our best possible service, please complete the form below and one of our senior advisors will contact you.
Or if you prefer, please call 01296 681341 for our Wingrave Bucks Accountants office.

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