Our Accountancy App is now available to everyone, compliments of BAS Associates.

The accountancy app has been thoughtfully designed with the ever-growing use of smartphones and mobile devices and is available from your favourite store, just by clicking the links below.

Why should you use the BAS Associates accountancy app?

The top 5 sections most used by clients are:-


GPS Mileage tracker.
The most used and loved part of the app. If you claim for business mileage and spend hours searching online for the places you’ve visited, you’ll appreciate this. The information can now get tracked on your mobile device, just by setting the Mileage Calculator to ‘Start Trip’ and let the phones features track your journey until you get to your destination. All your trips can be viewed and the details forwarded to your accountant, head office, manager, payroll department, or whoever needs the information.

17 wonderful sections covering a wide range of information, designed to help you when you need it on the move. It includes:-
Loans and interest payable
Contractors, enter some basic information, and your expected take-home pay can be calculated
Profitability planner
Dividend v salary
Corporation Tax
and a few others that aim to make life easier and advice available quickly.

Receipt tracker.
Just photograph your receipts, never losing track of what you’ve spent and where.

Keep in touch with us and important messages can be sent directly to you. We use this for deadline reminders, important updates and requests for information.

Key Tax Dates and Tax Sheets
Reminders and calendars regarding important events and messages for the accounting world. Extremely handy as memory joggers helping you avoid fines and penalties.

There’s plenty more to whet your appetite. So wait no longer, download the app today, by photographing the QR code or by linking from your compatible App shop below.

Enjoy the experience, and provide BAS Associates with feedback, as we are constantly looking to help and support your growth and success.