Like it or loathe it, McDonalds is probably among the most successful companies to systemise their business.

There, I‘ve said it. And most of this comes down to the use of great systems and a repeatable formula, rather than exceptional food, I’m sure even the most ardent burger buyers would agree.

Systems tie the business together, promoting improved communication and flow of work through the business. In turn, that will filter through to all of the benefits highlighted below.

I’ll share with you what is the number one mistake that business owners often make and give you one of the common objections that some people have about the idea of systemising their business. So, Let me give you some thoughts showing you how systems can revolutionise your business. No, really, I mean really revolutionise everything, if that’s the way you choose to go. It needn’t be hard work either, just a simple change of mindset will get you going.

So why systemise your business? Well, systems have a number of significant benefits.

1. Profitablilty.
Systemisation helps us do tasks the best way. The best way takes less time, and time is money. Mistakes can be costly, particularly if they are allowed to be repeated.

2. Teamwork.
The team will benefit as it makes things easier and they know they are doing things the correct way, every time. Training and onboarding new team members will be handled in a consistent and controlled manner.

3. Interest.
The team can be more flexible in their work and do some of the more interesting and varied work as the process is written down, approved and followed, allowing everyone to increase their knowledge and challenges. This will benefit business owners as the more flexible the team, the greater cover they have for each task.

4. Customer.
This should of course be the focus of all businesses. Systemisation enables customers to benefit from businesses consistency after applying, testing and running systems. Going back to McD’s; We can debate the quality of food. But the overriding reason people go back is the expectation of consistency.

5. Freedom.
You’ll have the choice to make choices how you spend the time saved from repeating training, fighting fires, unpicking mistakes and misunderstandings. It could be more time spent on work projects, concentration time or with family, on the golf course, on holiday…. It will be your choice.

We can unpick your thoughts and put them through our 6 step process so that you can assess your current position.

Complimentary System Review Meeting

But as I promised, let me give you the BIG mistake that business make.
Delegation. Or more importantly, the lack of it and the benefits of doing so. Systemising your business allows the opportunity to delegate work, responsibility, tasks, deadlines etc. And free your time as above. Genius. And so, in the words of Michael Gerber, more of whom later, they ‘abdicate responsibility, rather than truly delegate.’

So, imagine the scenario of passing some work through to a colleague who isn’t quite as competent or confident as yourself. And what very often happens is when you abdicate responsibility in that way, very often the work is not done the way you expect it to be done. It’s not done right.

So it comes back to you, you then get frustrated, angry, you have to redo it, you have to review it, you then have to explain the whole process again. You pass it back to that member of the team. And they probably don’t get right the second time. And this goes backwards and forwards, wasting a huge amount of time. Because we’ve done it the wrong way we’ve abdicated responsibility, what we need to do is delegate much better.

And this is what you can be working towards – repeated customer satisfaction through consistency of service.

Complimentary System Review Meeting

And what of the objections? Usually from team members who may feel threatened by the thought that others can just ‘walk in and do my job’. I heard this just recently from a client’s employee, a printer with many years’ experience. Systems don’t replace the skill and experience, but enhance the consistency and give a good starting point to newcomers. After working with him for a while, he’s as on board as anyone and thoroughly enjoying the experience, to be fair. It’s also about making people’s life much easier with a system because they know that when they do the work going forward, it’s done to a higher level more consistently, and therefore giving the customer a better experience.

What next? Understanding how to write a comprehensive system can feel daunting at this stage, but broken down into an easy to follow plan, future proofing and ensuring complete integration is essential. Start with an overview of your business, specifically where you are currently and where you want to be in a couple of years. Identifying and prioritising some issues is a key step in getting to you goals.

I need some support, I can hear you say. Great, that’s worth investigating. As a team, we will run 1 to 1 sessions going through ‘How to systemise your business in 6 steps.’ These can include your team but will be exclusive to you. We run through the six steps in absolute clarity, from identifying the systems, through prioritising, mapping, analysing, documenting and finally implementing. The bonus is that these are delivered by an experienced and qualified partnership, myself and our Business Development Director Sian Smith, who have both studied and implemented systemisation in the real world. And our team supply a great and fun environment. And cake, coffee, tea, and our own branded, cool, bottled water! If you’d like to book a session you can contact us below and we would be happy to show you the benefits of systemising your business. Whether services or manufacturing based, we can help develop your processes and systems with tailored and dedicated support.

Complimentary System Review Meeting
BAS Roger Smith

Investing just a few hours working with our team will give you and your business a huge advantage over the competition. I’ll help you identify and prioritise issues within your business, working through to the ultimate conclusion of your business having resilient systems. You will also have the knowledge of how to review and implement changes in the future.

Having worked within both the manufacturing and service sectors, my broad experience can link any business growth to support systems, enabling some of that precious time to be recovered.

Starting at the earliest opportunity will give you that head start, particularly as we are likely to be heading for some challenging times in the near future.

I can also thoroughly recommend further reading. Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is top of my recommendations list, with anything from Michael Gerber a must read, particularly the E-Myth series. Also, regarding the E-Myth, I have a stunning video which I encourage you to watch. Book a session with me and I’ll share it with you. It has a really fun anecdote which illustrates a very specific supplier system and plenty more useful ideas and thoughts. I have a few more that I’ll pass on to you if requested.