We’d love to show you a different style of accountants, a family business that cares about each and every client. People that work with people. And we start with why we are we in business.

Everything we do is designed to ensure we give you the best possible value for your investment in us. Our Compliance Only Accounts Packages are just a part of that. Helping, encouraging and supporting our business clients to achieve their goals, with tangible and practical services, is becoming more important in these difficult times. So, the development of our clients and their business is the next natural step.

Our highly efficient, Compliance Only Accounts service guarantees you support and processes to get your legally required accounts started.

Our tailored Individual Tax service can be found here.

But we offer far more than that, so click and watch the video below for just some of the ways we can support your business growth.

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to view our introductory video. I’m Roger Smith and I’m one of the team at BAS Associates.

If you’re keen to improve your business performance and financial results but don’t feel you are being supported enough by your current accountant – give us a call or contact us through the contact us form below.  We’ll arrange a complimentary Proactive Discovery Meeting to review your unique situation and discuss how we may be able to support you.

From the first contact with us, our professional team are on hand to speedily take you through a unique process to give you access to one of our qualified accountants, each with a generous understanding of how your finances work within your business and personal framework.

Using a video call or a meeting in our offices either in Northchurch, near Berkhamsted, or in Holbury, in the New forest, we’ll work together through a complimentary personalised session to discover the level of support required, and quote you for the work agreed.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Ongoing support will include a Complimentary Client Review, which is an annual event for a number of our clients. It is an opportunity for you to analyse and review your goals and give you clarity in identifying actions to achieve those goals.

Business planning can get you to the real meat of your business. This will help you identify and prioritise goals and give you accountability by producing a strategy, including a 90-day plan.

How clear is your awareness of your team’s defined roles and responsibilities? We will introduce you to the ‘10 hats’ of your business in the Organisational Review. Even if you work as a sole practitioner or director of a Limited Company, this is an immensely powerful opportunity to assess each of those roles which every business has and make them as efficient as possible.

Financial Awareness is as important as many of the other facets of your business knowledge. Leaving the grunt work to us is vital so that you can continue running your business effectively. However, understanding the trends, implications and practices of the reports and daily transactions will enhance your understanding and enjoyment of your business as it grows with you.

Sometimes it’s great have another person on the same wavelength, a person with an outside view, to work with regularly. Our Quarterly Coaching provides you with such opportunities. With the outcomes invariably providing increased profitability and cashflow, this is one of our commonly used support options. If you’re on board for our quickest results, then increasing this to Monthly Coaching may be your preferred choice.

We’ve drawn up quick-start packages which are immensely good value and our experience has tailored and honed these over the years so that they support you wherever you are in your business development timeline. For the client who is starting on their journey to the client who needs an extra boost to their plans, there is a mechanism for giving you the support, encouragement and ultimate success that we’re all striving for.

View our Business Development Packages which support your growth through the best information and innovative accountability.

View our Compliance Only Accounts Packages which are designed to remove all the financial headaches and ensure the necessary paperwork and structure for your business is completed correctly.

Adding some financial planning into the mix is crucial for you to be in control of your business. These Full Business Support Packages revolve around the integration of financial knowledge, discovering potential issues and working on a plan to resolve them.

For a complimentary Discovery Call to discuss the most appropriate level of support, a personalised quote and a guarantee of our best possible service, please complete the form below and one of our senior advisors will contact you.
Or if you prefer, please call 01442 560050 for our Northchurch Accountants Office, or 023 8202 7681 for our New Forest Accountants office.

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