Business Support and Advice

BAS Associates prides itself on being able to offer specialist business support and advice and are in a position to share their experience and a wealth of knowledge.

30% of businesses fail in their first year, 60% fail within 3 years and it is staggering to note that only 4% last ten years or more!

Most business owners simply do not have the experience and knowledge to deal with all of the issues that occur over time and have to rely on expertise from elsewhere. This can be in the form of employees or services like bookkeeping and maintenance.

The answer to “Where do I go for business advice?’ is simple!

We understand that the supplier that is often the most trusted is your Accountant. Who else would you trust with the sensitive information you need to discuss with them?

So how can we help?

In addition to the normal accountancy services we offer access to affordable, adhoc advice, mentoring and support on a wide range of business matters, from start-up to production and process issues, HR to Sales and Marketing.

Startups or existing enterprises benefit from business plans, individual forecasting, budget and specific tax planning, all done in house and to agreed timescales and budgets.

Contact us today for some great and personal business planning advice.