Why we developed this service.

The road to having a successful start-up isn’t a smooth or easy journey, which is why its important to ensure as you start to set up your business that you seek support and gain access to knowledge that will help support your business as it develops and grows.  

As accountants and business consultants we have a proven history in providing our clients with the resources, advice and support required to achieve long-term profitability and success.  

Keeping your finances and business support services in one place, just makes good business sense. So our carefully designed Business Start-up Strategy package is uniquely positioned to give you access to all the support you need to ensure your business survives. 

What’s involved?

Starting up a business is very difficult, time consuming which can lead business owners to a somewhat erratic approach to growth as they are reactive rather than having a clear plan of action.  

To be successful you must have a solid financial plan, an understanding of your legal obligations and associated business liabilities. When you have established this, it is essential to have a clear business and marketing plan to provide clarity, strategic direction, and business goals. Poor planning is one of the major reasons why new businesses fail.  

So, our first objective is to ensure we set up your business in the right way, ensuring all compliance and regulatory elements are explained, documented, and implemented as soon as possible. This will all be completed in a series of 2x 1-hour meetings.  

  • Selecting the right business structure
  • Registering your business with the Tax Authorities (HMRC)
  • Review of Value Added Tax (VAT) needs
  • Support with Payroll and pensions
  • Support with understanding Income and Corporation Tax
  • Business insurance
  • Software support & training
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Our next area of focus is Business Planning. Planning for the future is essential for your business longevity. A focused business plan will ensure you have clear direction, areas of focus, a plan for each part of the business and results forecasting.   

The process of writing the business plan is the most important step followed by regular reviews and progress tracking. Studies have shown that companies that plan and regularly review their results really do grow 30% faster.  

Your business plan will take place over 2×2-hour meetings and consider all the following elements:

  • Business purpose and mission
  • Business values and culture
  • Budget & Forecasting
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Target client or customer profile
  • What you offer clients
  • Marketing tactics and key focus areas
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Immediate opportunities and tactics to maximise these
  • Vulnerabilities and ways in which to manage them
  • Critical challenges with an action plan
  • One year business goals
  • 90-day goals

Will I have access to ongoing support?

Alongside the first step outlined above, we can fully commence a Business Coaching program, so they work together giving you a guide against which all personal and operational decisions are made.  

With our support, guidance and accountability, our Business Coaching service supports you to ensure your Business Plan remains a live and working document whilst, addressing any challenges you’re currently facing as a business owner and the most appropriate solutions and tactics that you can start implementing to improve your business performance. 

We will provide you with a program of monthly or quarterly meetings with one of our senior team members, as well as regular email and phone support. Each meeting will consist of a review of your actual results, clarification of areas where your business can improve and the setting of 30, 60 and 90-day goals, along with the identification of strategies to achieve them. 

Benefits of Business Start-up Strategy support

  • Avoid surprise notices and bills by ensuring all legal, regulatory, and business liabilities are set up correctly and are fully understood
  • Give your start-up the best chance of success with clear and focused business and marketing plans to support your growing business
  • Access to our financial and business experts to help build your business knowledge, develop your leadership skills and give you more time to focus on running your new business
  • Accountability and support from your coach to enable you to achieve your desired goals
  • Dedicated support and trusted advice as and when you need it
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We have a dedicated pricing package for Business start-ups which goes into more detail here