Making a Will

Making a Will is the only way you can be sure what will happen to your property and possessions after your death.

If you have a Wife, Husband or Civil Partner, and especially young children or dependents, it is the best way of making absolutely sure they are provided for.

An up to date Will, making your intentions clear makes it much easier for your Executors to administer your estate efficiently.

From our comfortable office in Northchurch, Berkhamsted, we will carefully go through your needs and identify the best ways to protect your wishes with profesional, understanding will writing. Your initial consultation with us is at our cost, ensuring a worry-free chat with a positive outcome.

Without a will:-

  • Your spouse does not automatically get everything
  • A partner in an unmarried relationship may not receive anything
  • Your children may not be looked after in accordance with your wishes
  • Your family home may have to be sold to pay for long-term care
  • Your assets could be frozen for many months or even years
  • Your funeral wishes, charity donations or gifts to loved ones will not be known
  • You lose the opportrunity to avoid paying unnecessary Inheritance Tax

It’s important to ensure the direction of these potential issues, because a correctly drafted Last Will and Testament is the easiest and most secure way to do this.

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