Business Planning Advice

Business planning is more than just a business plan, in its formal sense. A Business Plan is usually referred to as a document, usually produced for lending, investment or as a bit of interest at the time. And usually what happens to them is that they end up in a drawer, never to be seen again. Our approach to business planning advice is completely different to that.

BAS Associates believe that business planning advice should be available for every part of your journey, revisited regularly and when necessary. Our business plans are produced as a fluid document, enabling a two-way conversation to produce ideas and a strategy that will change and evolve as you do.

It’s more than that though. We see ourselves as part of your team, available to give business planning advice whenever it’s needed. And not just in a reactive way. BAS Associates evaluate your business from day one, and when we see something that can affect your industry or your business we can let you know.

Our strategy is that we like to see our clients succeed, as we like to keep you as a client for life. A recent blog shows how to do your own One-Page business plan. It’s fun, enlightening, and above all, useful.

What we do

  • Cash flow management
  • Business Plans
  • Profit maximisation
  • Management accounts & Project Accounts

BAS Associates will help you whether you are a startup, or established as a sole trader, partnership or limited company, with business planning advice though our experienced team. We’re far from the grey suited consultants, but a friendly experienced family business that have seen and been through many scenarios. We will help you pitch for funds, discuss management strategy, and if extra expertise is needed, our friendly contacts can be recommended for extra business planning support.

Consider using BAS Associates for your business’ Registered Office, it’s a simple solution to a common business problem. Bookkeeping, tax and cloud solutions are our core business, and our app has been developed to support you while mobile. Loaded with modules for Mileage tracking, access to your favourite cloud accounting solutions and some quick and easy calculators for all things financial.

 Benefit to you

  • Improve profitability
  • Focus your business to achieve its objectives
  • More effective control
  • Review strategies and implementation.

Call us, email us or message us through our contact form for some great and personal business planning advice.