Accountancy Advice and Business Support

To say we specialise in accountancy advice is being too broad. BAS Associates is more than that to our clients, who we treat as friends as well as clients. A fast-growing family business based in Wingrave, Bucks, we are fortunate to be close to the beautiful areas of The Chilterns AONB. We don’t dress in 50 shades of grey but just friendly and knowledgeable people await, so pop in and see us for a coffee, tea or cold drink.

Our key areas of expertise include services to individuals and businesses alike. We’ll guide you through the best options to decide whether you should be trading as a Sole Trader, Limited Company or a partnership, each one having distinct advantages depending on your individual circumstances. Not sure which is best for you? We’ll make sure that these advantages are constantly reviewed and that you are in the best position for your current needs.

Are you VAT registered? Do you need to be? Mostly it’s not a choice scenario, as there are rules that govern what to do and when but sometimes, it may be a good idea. We can advise you on when and if you need to make a decision on VAT.

Business startup or serious about growing your business to support your chosen lifestyle? Of course we can help. In fact, that’s the best time for BAS Associates to get involved with your business, as you can avoid problems as your business develops by getting the correct advice. We can set up a Company structure for you, get you going with accounts, payroll, bookkeeping and with a complete support and business development, including business plans and accountancy advice, this will ensure the best possible prospect for you and your Company. “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”  Walt Disney.

We’re not ignoring you if you are an individual with a need for a tax return, advise, or tax planning. You are just as important to our business as, well, other businesses. We’re individuals too, and we have many clients just like you who need our help. Not only do we offer a fantastic one to one service and a free initial chat at our offices in Northchurch, Wingrave and The New Forest, BAS Associates offer continued support as long as you are a client.

CIS. Three initials that can send the shakes through some people in the construction industry. By far the biggest issues we have is with clients who aren’t sure how and whether to apply the scheme. BAS Associates are experts in CIS and can handle the issues for you, whether you are employed or an employer with responsibilities under the scheme.

We have a specialist qualified team, and we spend time keeping up to date with all of the necessary and appropriate training relating to our business. From payroll to tax, bookkeeping to best business practices and accountancy advice. We’re always looking for new opportunities and changes to our future business growth, so webinars, on site software updates and developments are key in our efforts to provide you with an outstanding and caring service.

“To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success”, Henry J. Heinz commented. To be competitive in today’s market, you need as much of an edge as possible. Welcome to our business support team, who will help you get ahead and keep you there. BAS Associates offer business plans, top quality business advice, mentoring and using our in house accredited business growth consultant, you can ensure we are by your side.

For a complimentary Discovery Call to discuss the most appropriate level of support on a wider basis, a personalised quote and a guarantee of our best possible service, please complete the form below and one of our senior advisors will contact you.
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Why BAS Associates?

  • Fixed Fees
  • FREE advice and support
  • No charge for phone calls, emails or meetings
  • FREE Monthly reports when we do your book keeping
  • Accounts updated regularly, not just year-end, when we do your book keeping
  • Out of hours email response where possible
  • Friendly and approachable team
  • Fuss-free transfer from your current provider
  • No set-up fees or tie-ins