Spending your valuable time and effort in the right areas can seriously improve your rewards and Strategic Business Planning is an invaluable tool for your future. Do you lose focus due to too many projects and destinations? Are your resources correctly allocated? Having a focus and prioritising your initiatives will not only help your business survive in a very competitive market, but will put you in a great place to thrive and reach your goals.

The principles of Strategic Business Planning

Why have a plan at all? Well, it defines what your business is about – its future and determines its ability to succeed. It also highlights your market and how you’ll compete. It focusses on the goals and targets you want it to achieve and how you’ll get there. Your team will have a vision and a togetherness, and ultimately something to get excited about. Working in a dynamic, well-led environment is easier to be a part of than a fractured, disengaged workplace. A team will naturally bond and rally in good times as well as more challenging moments. Strategic Business Planning will also identify risks and opportunities before they become potential problems and enable you to make decisions on the direction of the business.

The three main principles to follow.

  1. Set a clear direction. Stay focused and head towards the set objective without deviation. Monthly or yearly changes can derail targets very quickly
  2. Avoid distractions. The latest fad or gadget can easily tear you away from your strategy
  3. Diversify your bets. Limitations of financial and time investment opportunities will often mean that assessing and pursuing a spread of risk across markets, products and timeframes is a healthier strategy

Working to these 3 principles of Strategic Business Planning you’ll have a sharp focus on your direction to follow and a realistic chance of achieving your aims and goals.

Risks to be assessed

So pick a sweet spot, the Goldilocks zone, just right, which can be sensibly managed and maintained. The secret is to balance the small projects in support of the overall strategy, focusing on your clear targets and goals set out and agreed in the planning.

So what next?

We can structure a process alongside your team, assigning some pre-work, then assigning individual tasks evaluating the initiatives. After a prioritisation meeting, further, deeper analysis on specific direction will form the basis of a plan. Together with your core competencies which will have been flushed through with us, our unique support tools will give you an implementation plan and timeline to allocate the correct resources for a creditable outcome.

Your team becomes the focus of our experienced team and financial expertise for as long as it takes to achieve a straight line plan.

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