Business Evolution

Whilst some businesses have already bounced back from the impact of the pandemic, some are starting to notice an upwards trend, and some are still battling the challenging environment created by covid-19.  Most are reviewing their business’ evolution.

At the beginning of the pandemic, we saw how different clients’ businesses were impacted and learnt quickly from how our business was also affected.  

Whilst we are experts in our field of tax and accounting, from our unique position and experiences, we could see that businesses owners needed access to more than “just” accountancy services. 

So, we started to investigate the other ways we can provide business support our clients through this period. Of course, at the time we didn’t realise just how long we would be trying to navigate our way through the pandemic but to date our changes have remained relevant and well received by clients so they’re here to stay!

5 Ways BAS Associates changed business evolution

Here’s 5 ways we evolved to help our clients:

  1. Access to Information – communication is always essential but even more so during periods of uncertainty. We sent more information to clients than ever before! From loans and grants to SEISS and Furlough we made sure our clients were well informed. We also ran frequent webinars, published blogs explaining any changes and tried to free up as much time as possible to talk clients through any queries as a result of covid.   
  2. System Development – with staff working from home and clients needing to share their records with us, we invested in new systems that reduced the need and movement of paperwork and therefore reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Our Senta CRM systems were developed inhouse by one of our directors, Brett Smith, to provide clients with an online portal to share documents and paperwork, approve accounts and tax returns and to automate tasks to members of the BAS team to ensure a more efficient approach was taken to the way in which we work.  
  3. Business Support Services – it makes good business sense to pair financial support with business development. From business recovery planning and marketing strategy to business coaching and KPI development, we expanded our range of business development services to ensure clients had access to the right support from one business and its evolution.
  4. Funding Support – We understand that for some the pandemic has brought significant financial strain. Whilst the government offered some support schemes, grants, and loans, not all businesses could qualify. Putting pressure on some business owners to find money from elsewhere, and with this there is risk that sensible funding options may not be thoroughly investigated. This led us to a leading business in cashflow management and funding so we could provide clients with access to multiple funding options within minutes.  
  5. HR Support – did any of us know what furlough was prior to the pandemic? Did we even really know what protection we had in our employment contracts? We found a HR partner and decided to move all our HR support to this provider. During this process and as we learnt more about how to protect our business, support our employees, and create the right working environments when we returned to our offices, we spoke about how we can make these services and insights available to our clients. We can now provide all clients with a leader in HR support that can help you with business contracts, policies, handbooks, Health & Safety and Employee wellbeing.  

In reality behind the scenes, we have all been rapidly making adjustments, and in some cases some pretty drastic changes, to the way in which we operate. These changes are just as important as those that clients can see or directly see the benefit of. One thing is for sure, neither us as individuals, or the businesses in which we operate, are the same as they were pre-March 2020.  

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