Your business team is the most important asset and why you should get to know them better.

A small business is only as good as the team within it. How many times have we had great support from a local business team, usually because the team are tightly knit and work with each other. Having the raw materials to start with is key, and rightly so, but selecting them with the right parameters is crucial.

  1. Get to know them as people. You’ve hired a person, not a cv. Each of your team has different strengths, defined by their interest, background and many other complex components coming together. Chat with each of them regularly about what they do outside of their work – we all have lives, find out what theres involves; family, interests, aims, objectives, and let them talk.
  2. Involve them early and often. Work at your business plan, have agreed and defined goals for your business, great values and visions and share them with your team. Encourage and share the wins, which will help your team to have a sense of belonging which will lead to a positive impact on the business.
  3. Keep the negatives at bay. The above will help you spot the early signs of any potential issues within the team, and chatting about them can easily be turned into a positive. Keep a good ear open at all times and learn to read body language, which can be a great giveaway.
  4. Let the team know about developments and expectations. Defining Roles and responsibilities is a key development in any business, keeping functions clear. It’s one of the most important yet overlooked management tools. Structure and cohesion is one of the features employees look for in any business, and with it a sense of togetherness the this will foster, working for the same team.
  5. Do some team-building. Sometimes seen as an expense, but look at it as an investment in both time and money. It’s not only you that need to know your team but everyone else. A small unit can often develop into a slick outfit through togetherness. Your team are bright human beings and having some down time to show how we all relax is part of your business. Paintballing, Karting, or just an extended lunch break if you’re on a tight budget, can all serve a great purpose in growing the trust between you for the greater good.

Keeping your team together and leading them through inspiration and a sense of value are just a couple of ways to build a great team. We’re here to help and have the experience and resources to show you how to get the best results. If understanding finances is a key driver for you, business growth or simply a desire to run the best business possible, book a complimentary discovery call or phone for a chat. We’d love to hear where you and your business are going.

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