Value Based Selling could be an important piece of the jigsaw.

As a business owner, you’re good at what you do – you know the industry and your product. You’re also good at delivering that product or service to the client or customer. Value Based Selling could be an advantage over your competitors

However, our experience is that most of you would never have had any formal sales training. In these times of many changes, tighter margins, more competition due to digital marketing, we believe that it’s essential that all business owners work towards a greater share of their target market.

Our Value Based Selling sessions provide a valuable sales learning package to help you streamline your sales processes, in turn boosting the performance of the sales team, significantly improving your results.

Who would benefit from this service?

  • As a business owner do you find it difficult to make sales
  • Are your proposals taking too much of your time?
  • Would it be an advantage to increase your proposal to quote ratio?
  • Would you like a better system for making sales?

What is involved?

We will spend the first meeting running you through the Successful Selling presentation, closely followed by a review of your current sales processes, then agreeing some sales actions to achieve before the next session.

Support is ongoing through the next coaching phase where you’ll gain understanding of :

  • The difference between cost and value and how to articulate value to prospective customers
  • Powerful sales techniques that will significantly increase your conversion rate
  • The nine step proposal writing process and how you can reflect this in your own quotes or proposals
  • Terms of Trade and successfully dealing with changes in the scope of work agreed
  • Next steps required to implement Value Based Selling into your business
Value Based Selling

The programme is based around constant contact and support, with a monthly meeting giving you access to our tailored specialist resources and structure until you’re comfortable articulating and selling your value, with the aim of achieving improved results. You’ll take away our Guide to Value Based Selling to reinforce your learning and as a reference. Extra specialist support is always available as required.

When should I begin to invest in Value Based Selling?

Enhancing your sales skills and knowledge are always a vital part of business development and growth, and we encourage this support as early as possible in your development curve. Significant increases in your conversion rates are always a welcome addition to your business.

Benefits of Value Based Selling

  • Implement a proven, best practice system that ensures consistency
  • Gain clarity, efficiency, and increased team satisfaction with a system and process to follow
  • Eliminate surprises for you and your clients by providing certainty of cost
  • Increase your sales without necessarily working any harder
  • Increased confidence in your sales and marketing processes
  • Gain the ability to handle changes in scope without stress
  • Develop clear service options and payment terms to suit your clients
  • Eliminate negative fee conversations after you’ve completed work
  • Increased margin on the services or products you sell
  • Increased efficiency and productivity in your business model
  • Achieve a profit return that is proportionate to the value you are adding to your clients
  • Implement a sales process that you can teach your entire team to use
  • Create a more effective marketing and sales model for your business
  • Gain a more sustainable, scalable, and ultimately, saleable business
  • Free up time for you to concentrate on other revenue generating activities
  • We will act as a ‘sounding board’ for you to discuss your ideas and give you accountability

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