Structuring a company of any size will benefit from an Organisational Review

Many smaller businesses rely on smaller team numbers to fulfil multiple roles. But there is still a need to define these roles and responsibilities to maximise efficiency within the business with an Organisational Review. In larger enterprises, this requires even more clarity to avoid department and function overlap.

We offer this service to assist you in the understanding and production of your own Organisation Chart. Our ‘Ten Hats’ seminar explains the 10 fundamental departments within every business, allowing the final chart to be used within a blueprint for sustained, scalable and ultimately saleable business.

Why we developed this service

  • Are you spreading your time and effort to thinly, doing work not in your skillset?
  • Do you have clearly defined functions and departments within your organisation?
  • Does each employee have good clarity about their role in your organisation?
  • Has each team member a clearly defined job role in your organisation?

Who should use this service?

Feeling overstretched or needing your team to support you more? This could well be a massive help and a good starting point for defining team roles in your business. It’s an opportunity for you to define who should be doing what to improve efficiency and give you more time to concentrate on your key activities.

Organisational Review

What is involved?

A full day or split into 2 x half days if you prefer. During the review, we will:

  • Discuss the five fundamentals of an Organisation Chart
  • Discuss the four principles that must be adhered to when developing or modifying your Organisation Chart
  • Utilise our Organisation Chart template
  • Review our structured process for creating an Organisation chart
  • Recommend the next steps to take to develop your first draft

Over the course of the following weeks, we will review your final draft once it has been sent to us, and we’ll discuss our recommendations so that you can finalise your organisational structure.

When should I have a session?

Have you clear roles and position responsibilities within your organisation? Most businesses would see a big benefit in a session with us, and you wouldn’t be alone in answering ‘No’. Identifying and developing your team should be high on your business development agenda, as working with a growing and positive team is the perfect base for business success.

Benefits of an Organisational Review

  • Increase your ability to make effective strategic business decisions
  • Understand the key functions within your business and who is responsible for them
  • Free up your time to focus on your key skills and revenue generating activities
  • Highlight which functions may be outsourced
  • Gives you direct access to our team’s experience, systems knowledge, products and services
  • Allows you to develop a business structure that will support the future plans
  • Involvement in developing a business structure that you understand
  • Business model efficiency and productivity increases
  • Clear identification of the business’s internal structure
  • Identification of clear roles and responsibilities as opposed to fitting roles to unmatched team members
  • We will act as a sounding board for you to discuss your ideas
  • Clarity within your team regarding their roles, career development and responsibilities
  • Increase your team’s engagement and satisfaction by clarifying expectations
  • Puts your business in a more sustainable, scalable and ultimately saleable position

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