Key Performance Indicators (KPI) have become so much easier to define and monitor within the digital age.

But what would you do with the information gleaned from the reports? It is true that the better you understand your business, those key metrics, cashflow and profits, will be easier to control and improve. So this service will put you in a position to take charge of the information, or key drivers, and show you how to apply strategies and tactics to improve Key Performance Indicators (KPI) which will ultimately improve your business results.

Who should I use the service?

Every business owner who feels the desire to understand how to achieve increased profit and cashflow, and with the aim of increasing the value of their company will benefit from this service. Whatever the size of your company, from sole traders to multi-director entities, we can tailor Key Performance Indicator sessions to give you huge benefits going forward.

Key Performance Indicators KPI

What is involved?

The first important factor is to define the key drivers in your business. These will possibly be a mix of non-financial and financial. Selecting the right ones will depend as much on your industry and which parts of your business to look at.

We will then work with you to show you how to measure each KPI and track them using a cloud based performance dashboard, an irreplaceable tool for any forward-thinking business manager. It will give a great visualisation of your chosen metrics. Less is more until the system is well under way, so we start with increasing your confidence in measuring each key driver accurately, then continue working with you on a monthly basis to form a forward looking tactical plan that will include all of your behavioural changes and business processes needed to continually monitor and improve results. Sometimes the smallest changes can result in good improvements in key drivers. ‘You can’t manage what you can’t measure’ Peter Drucker, Management Thinker.

The Process

When is best to sign up for this service?

Developing and investing time in your business should be one of your KPI’s. By definition, this is a good place to start, and as one of the opening parts to your business. Working ON your business alongside working IN it as soon as possible would be our recommendation outside of the financial understanding of where your business is and will be going. Our ‘little and often’ mindset fit perfectly well here – allocating a little time each week to improve your business performance will make a big difference to both your personal and business life. Put a structure in place to make it work even more effectively.

Benefits of KPI Improvement Coaching

  • Sets realistic targets for improving those KPI’s
  • Increases productivity and efficiency
  • Encouragement in being responsible for your goal achievement
  • Inspiration to work less IN your business and more ON it
  • Establishes an initial 3-5 key drivers that are fundamental to the success of your business
  • Streamlines and establishes the business processes that will improve your selected KPI’s
  • Gives a snapshot of the performance of your business
  • Increases your ability to make effective strategic decisions
  • Enables you to get a better understanding of your business
  • Gives you direct access to our team’s experience, systems knowledge, products and services

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