Marketing Planning Sessions

27 December 2020

How important are our Marketing Planning Sessions?

By defining and then using the most important metrics for your business, we can help you achieve results from your marketing efforts. With an effective marketing plan as a result of our Marketing Planning Sessions you’ll some be achieving good rewards. Our experienced team members will work with you to identify the right actions to achieve your marketing goals. As with all our programs, they are structured so that the outcomes will benefit you and your business with quick wins and long-term rewards. To measure the impact of your efforts, we will work with you to ensure you understand your KPI’s and can monitor the effectiveness of your defined marketing strategies.

Who should have a Marketing Planning Session?

Being able to inform potential clients or customers about products and services is paramount. Would you like to:

  • Understand the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) which you’ll need to monitor
  • Be able to set SMART marketing goals to achieve over the next 12 months
  • Increase the return on your marketing investment
  • Develop you own outline of the unique marketing strategies which will make you shine

What is involved?

You attend a four-hour session, or 2 x 2-hour sessions, either online or in one of our offices, facilitated by a specialist marketing team member to:

  • Identify your ‘Why?’, target market and key advantages
  • Discuss your 3 p’s: Promotion, Positioning and Product mix
  • Set your marketing goals for the next 3 months and 12 months
  • Support you in establishing your marketing KPI’s and their measurement
  • Establish a direction and action plan to achieve the agreed goals.

In advance of your meetings we will ask you to complete a comprehensive but simple pre-work so that you can identify any issues to discuss. This insight will allow us to understand your current marketing strategy and to prepare a range of resources required for the session. Following the session you will be sent a personalised Marketing Plan with minutes of the meeting, as well as additional resources to ensure that you get the best opportunity to maximise your investment in your plan.

When should I have the session?

Any time is the best time to enhance your marketing strategy, particularly in these unprecedented times. Marketing your business now will give you an increased presence to get ahead of your competition and keep yourself at the forefront of your potential customers and clients. Some clients like to have a Business Plan in place before starting on Marketing Planning. This isn’t essential, but it can make Marketing Planning easier for you to complete, having already considered the other aspects of the business, and improve the process of implementation.

Benefits of Marketing Planning

  • Review the purpose and direction of your business
  • Understand your unique selling point (USP) and how to utlise this
  • Identify your target market and how to reach this audience
  • Develop your overall marketing strategy
  • Define your marketing goals for the next 12 months with short-term goals to ensure progress
  • Discuss and outline the strategies required to achieve your marketing goals
  • Understand the most effective marketing strategies for your business
  • Plan your marketing campaigns and key activities for the next 12 months
  • Identify and monitor your defined marketing KPIs
  • Develop a template to review actual performance and results against your targets
  • Improve your returns on marketing investments (ROI)

For a complimentary Discovery Call to discuss the most appropriate level of support on a wider basis, a personalised quote and a guarantee of our best possible service, please complete the form below and one of our senior advisors will contact you.

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