As accountants, BAS Associates is fond of advising clients to reduce their overheads as one of the seven ways to grow their business. One of these overheads is accounting fees. So, is the money you spend with us an expense to be reduced, or an investment?

Our definition of an expense is ‘a necessary evil, something that can’t be avoided and is a grudge purchase with very little value other than to see the business into the next day’.

An investment, however, is about reaping a reward, getting a return, and is full of benefit to both yourself and your business. Your investment with us will give you the opportunity to discover how to get more cash – key in these difficult times, more discretionary time, and above all, the guarantee and peace of mind that everything is done as it should be.

Our true purpose is to provide you with enduring value to both yourself and your business. The times of a caring accountant being simply about annual tax and accounts compliance is long gone. BAS Associates believe that true value comes from supporting businesses through

  • Tax planning and minimising your dues
  • Wealth creation
  • Completing your tax compliance and ensuring your obligations are met in the most effective ways
  • Working with you to produce plans for your future, including all-important profit and cash-flow strategies
  • Helping you to realise those plans – your understanding of your firm and our financial and business development expertise

If you consider your current accountancy expenditure a cost, then BAS Associates will show you a different, more positive side to how your cost can be made an investment.

The biggest cost is an opportunity lost’ Anon