So we’re looking at ways of reducing our carbon footprint, and with the help of  we have been able to reduce our carbon usage by 1.1 tonnes of CO2 / year. We do believe that it’s a responsibility of business users in particular to be a good part of the community, and  this seems to be an excellent way forward for us.

We will be investigating further efficiencies in the near future, particularly regarding the use of paper in this digital age. MTD will be a paperless concept when implemented fully, so the value of each piece of paper within our environment will be assessed on each occasion.

The frustrations within our business community run deep, however, as recycling for business is very much left to the individual company to implement and manage their methods – there is no commercial kerbside collection. Currently we bag all our non-sensitive recycling and take it home to use our own local service – not ideal. In a previous business within the print industry, we generated tonnes of waste paper which was collected for recycling by a private company – councils were never interested in commercial recycling waste. There needs to be a change to this attitude for the UK to meet its green targets.

Also, since many commercial properties are rented from landlords, there should be some more responsibility and incentives encouraging them to invest in the green future of their buildings. Currently much of the onus is on the tenant to ensure that the building’s green credentials are improved to meet the growing demands for carbon reduction.

And now a fully electric car to add to our carbon savings. There’s plenty of evidence to support their part in the future of a greener economy and we’ve taken the big step to investigate, purchase and now run a vehicle that meets with our needs and values. we’ll keep you updated as we go.

Our small steps are hopefully helping the planet, but much more needs to be done, and we are looking at ways to play our part.


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